Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TPUBLICALL MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC. (going forward, GOSWIG) owner of this web site, PUBLICALL MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC, promises to ensure that your personal information is protected and never wrongly used.

In this document we'll explain who is responsible for handling your data, the reason we use your personal information and for what purpose, the legitimization of the data processing, who we share your personal data with, how we collect it, why we collect it, how we use your personal data and what processes we follow.

By giving us your personal data and using our website, we understand that you have read and understood the terms and conditions related to the protection and sharing of personal information. In GOSWIG, we assume the responsibility of complying with binding USA data protection laws, and we always strive to handle your data in a fair, loyal and transparent way.

1. In Charge of The Data Hendling

2. Purpose, Legitimatization & Consercation of The Data Handling

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We also offer our users the opportunity to use their social media accounts to log into GOSWIG. If the user decides to do this, they consent to share some of the information from their social media profile with us. The exact personal data shared depends on the configuration of the the user's social media profile. Visit the social media site in question and review their privacy policy to understand exactly how the site shares and users personal data in this context.

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3. Obligation To Provide Us With Your Personal Details & Consequences of Not Sharing Your Data

In the event that any dispute arises between GOSWIG's users, the COMPANY requests that its Customer Service channel is used in advance by sending an email to the COMPANY address detailing the reasons for the dispute and providing all documentation that may be of interest. The COMPANY will analyze the reasons and reasoning provided by both parties and will provide a solution in the shortest time possible mainly taking into account that the day of execution of the hired services is not harmed.

Independence of The Clauses

Your personal information is necessary to process requests, allow users to sign up to use GOSWIG and provide users with its products and services. Therefore, if you do not share you personal details with us, we will not be able to attend to you properly or provide you with the service/product that has been requested. In any case, we reserve the right to decide whether to incorporate your personal data and other information we gather through our database.

4. Who Receives Your Personal Information

Your data could be shared with:

We assure you that any and all sharing of your personal information that we, or one of the third party companies we work with share, adheres strictly to data protection legislation.

5. Rights Related To Personal Data

Anyone can revoke their consent to share personal data at any time, but it must be done by the same person who gave consent originally. The withdrawal of consent does not, in any case, stop the subscription contract or the relationships generated previously.

Equally, you can exercise the following rights:

Where and how to request your rights: Through a written request, addressed to the manager, from your postal address or email address (indicated in part 1). The written request should include a reference to "Personal data" and you should specify which right you would like to exercise and include which personal information in particular it regards.

In the case of divergence with the business in relation to the treatment of your personal data, you can present a complaint to the Data Protection Agency (

6. Security of Your Personal Data

With the objective of safeguarding the security of your personal data, we inform you that we have adopted all kinds of technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the personal information you have supplied so that it can't be altered, lost or accessed by unauthorized sources.

7. Updating Your Personal Information

It is important that we can maintain an up-to-date database of your personal information. Always inform us if there has been any change. On the contrary, we do not take responsibility for having out-of-date information about you if you do not inform us of a change.

We do not take responsibility for the privacy policy and the safety of your personal data on third party websites that users can access through our web page. The current Privacy Policy may be modified to adapt to changes on our website, as well as changes in the regulations and laws about personal data. Therefore we recommend that you review our Privacy Policy each time that you choose to share personal data with GOSWIG through this web page.